European Online Casino Revenue Surpasses Sports Betting for First Time

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The EGBA’s yearly study shows really online casino gross successful 2022 surpassed that of sports betting platforms for nan first clip ever. [Image:]

Some absorbing findings

The latest yearly activity study from nan European Gaming and Betting Association (EBGA) focused connected 2022 information shows that online casinos successful nan region generated much gross than sports betting platforms for nan first clip ever.

total gross for EGBA operators successful 2022 was €10.7bn

Both segments knowledgeable drops from 2021 figures, pinch sportsbooks experiencing a autumn of 13% to €4.6bn ($5bn) successful comparison to a 1% alteration for online casinos to €5.2bn ($5.6bn). Revenue for EGBA operators successful 2022 was €10.7bn ($11.5bn), an 8% year-on-year fall. Poker sites accounted for conscionable 6% of nan total.

More group gambling online

According to the EGBA report, nan number of group pinch progressive gambling accounts roseate 5% to 31.2 cardinal and operators carved retired an mean separator of 5.8% during nan period, which intends nan return to subordinate (RTP) connected mean was 94.2%.

EGBA members run crossed 22 European countries and collectively clasp 267 online gambling licenses.

The mean liking from online customers was down to €1.40 ($1.51) successful 2022, which is complete half of nan emblematic stake size successful 2018. The number of bets group are placing online is perpetually rising, hitting 132.5 cardinal successful 2022 compared to conscionable 31.6 cardinal 4 years previously.

Explaining nan drop

Speaking astir nan report, EGBA Secretary General Maarten Haijer attributed nan wide driblet successful gross to various factors, including “the effect of nan cost-of-living situation connected customer gambling habits and a streak of customer-friendly sports results.”

a greater level of transparency crossed nan European gambling industry

The EGBA’s purpose is to raise manufacture standards and make a greater level of transparency crossed nan European gambling industry.

Some of large changes that nan EGBA has pushed precocious see improving standards successful safer gambling and anti-money laundering. It is looking to standardize markers of harm crossed nan continent and is trying to cultivate much collaboration connected cardinal matters for illustration cybersecurity.

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