DraftKings Lands LeBron James as NFL-Focused Brand Ambassador

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LeBron James

DraftKings has landed Lakers megastar LeBron James arsenic a marque ambassador. [Image: Shutterstock.com]

Football focus

DraftKings has secured nan services of Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James arsenic marque ambassador pinch a attraction connected football. James, 1 of nan world’s highest floor plan progressive athletes, took to X Wednesday to stock news of nan partnership:

According to a DraftKings property release, nan NBA megastar will stock his shot picks and “select cardinal tentpole events arsenic portion of a multi-year agreement.” A sports betting woody seemed inevitable for James, who has often appeared connected Instagram Live breaking down action during this NFL season.

an absolute grant and privilege”

DraftKings CEO Jason Robins stated it was “an absolute grant and privilege” to person LeBron subordinate nan Boston-based firm, adding that he will present “exciting engagement opportunities to our customers and his loyal fanbase for years to come.”

Major coup

DraftKings has pulled disconnected a awesome coup successful landing James, who boasts 235.6 cardinal followers crossed “all societal media platforms successful aggregate, per Basketball Network.”

While James’ business pinch a sportsbook has raised nan eyebrows of immoderate manufacture insiders, nan NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement does not forestall nan four-time MVP from making immoderate rate straight done a patient for illustration DraftKings, provided, of course, James doesn’t stake connected aliases analyse games from nan NBA aliases WNBA.

DraftKings will nary uncertainty dream nan James woody provides a propulsion successful nan NBA and NFL markets, captious successful its ongoing trading conflict pinch FanDuel. In August, investigation patient Eilers & Krejcik Gaming revealed DraftKings had overtaken FanDuel arsenic marketplace leader for US online gambling, securing 31% of wide gross gaming gross compared to FanDuel’s 30%.

Besides landing nan NBA prima nicknamed ‘King James,’ DraftKings is reportedly successful precocious talks pinch Barstool Sports complete a woody that will costs it $10m annually successful return for Barstool showcasing DraftKings’ likelihood connected its content, and directing bettors to nan sportsbook.

Controversial deals

There are galore athletes who person collaborated pinch sportsbooks, specified arsenic NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett, NHL fable Wayne Gretzky, and NFL icon Tom Brady. Unlike James, they’ve typically retired from their sports earlier inking nan deals.

critics declare they glamourize gambling to susceptible people

While galore sports fans bask nan fruits of these deals, critics declare they glamourize gambling to susceptible people. Over successful nan overmuch much mature UK market, legislators person banned celebrities from appearing successful gambling ads altogether. The regulator of Ontario, Canada is enacting a akin norm successful February.

To make matters worse, a Tom Brady advertisement for BetMGM was successful nan firing statement complete nan play erstwhile Circa Sports executive Jeffrey Benson called retired nan Super Bowl commercial. Benson took objection to nan advertisement successful which Brady isn’t allowed to spot a bet, pinch character Vince Vaughn telling him: “you’ve won enough.”

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