Dan Sepiol Wins 2023 WPT World Championship

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Dan Sepiol aft winning nan 2023 WPT World Championship

Dan Sepiol won nan 2023 WPT World Championship Thursday and nan $5.3m first prize. [Image: Flickr.com / World Poker Tour]

Happy holidays, indeed

As 2023 comes to a close, six group still had activity to do earlier nan vacation break, each vying for nan title astatine nan 2023 WPT World Championship astatine Wynn Las Vegas. On Thursday, Dan Sepiol emerged victorious aft a roller coaster heads-up lucifer against Georgios Sotiropoulos to declare nan first prize of $5,282,954.

willingness to make plays successful large moments”

At 29 years old, Sepiol has unrecorded tourney cashes making love backmost to 2017 and had good complete a cardinal dollars successful net earlier this week, but evidently this triumph dwarfs thing he had done before. He had moreover considered quitting master poker respective years ago, but Jeremy Brown, Justin Brown, and Taylor Black took him nether their wings and coached him up, building connected his innate “willingness to make plays successful large moments,” arsenic Black told WPT.com.

“….I’d opportunity he’s earned it. He’s worked hard. He’s besides earned it not conscionable successful nan difficult work, but besides successful nan swings. So yeah, I honestly couldn’t beryllium much happy for him,” Black added.

Jumped nan gun

Sepiol entered heads-up play pinch a immense spot lead complete Sotiropoulos, 310.5 cardinal to 72.6 million, a spread that only grew wider complete nan first hour. At 1 point, his lead ballooned to 10-to-1 and it looked for illustration a triumph was inevitable.

But aft a mini double-up to get up disconnected nan felt, Sotiropoulos doubled again successful an almost miraculous hand. Holding K-2, Sepiol was looking bully connected nan flop of A-K-8. Sotiropoulos only had 5-7, but deed a runner-runner consecutive to get his stack up to 115.9 million, which, while still little than half of what Sepiol had, was now capable to beryllium dangerous.

The crazy point astir nan manus was that erstwhile nan cards were turned over, Sepiol misread his opponent’s manus and really thought he won. He went to his obstruction to observe erstwhile personification pointed retired that he had mislaid nan hand. Sepiol intelligibly had a consciousness of joke astir it, laughing astatine nan situation, but inside, it mightiness person thrown him for a spot of a loop.

“Definitely a possibility,” he said successful his post-game interview. “I don’t cognize for sure, but it definitely, what’s nan word? The momentum decidedly changed aft that.”

Back and distant successful a fewer hands

The momentum astir decidedly shifted. After nan hand, nan 2 players agreed upon a woody successful which Sepiol was guaranteed $4,682,954 and Sotiropoulos $4,167,246, leaving nan remaining $600,000 to nan winner. Within 2 hands, Sotiropoulos had taken nan lead.

But conscionable a fewer hands aft that, Sepiol yanked nan momentum correct back, flopping 2 brace pinch a dominated J-2 against J-Q to double-up and return a monolithic lead. The tourney was complete connected nan very adjacent hand.

All nan chips were successful pre-flop, Sotiropoulos pinch K-Q and Sepiol pinch K-3 (suits are of nary consequence). The flop changed nothing, but nan move produced a 3 for Sepiol, Sotiropolous couldn’t find a Queen connected nan river, and that was it.

In summation to millions of dollars, Dan Sepiol besides won a $10,400 into adjacent year’s WPT World Championship, nan Wynn Championship trophy, and nan WPT World Championship trophy designed by Daniel Arsham.

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