CFTC Official Who Regulated Political Betting Exchange Murdered

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Posted on: February 5, 2024, 09:05h. 

Last updated on: February 5, 2024, 02:15h.

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A erstwhile Obama and Trump management charismatic whose agency oversaw a governmental betting speech successful nan U.S. was gunned down past week successful nan nation’s capital.

Trump Mike Hill CFTC PredictItMike Hill, a erstwhile charismatic pinch nan Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), was changeable and killed successful Washington, D.C., during an attempted carjacking. The CFTC helped an online governmental wagering speech to run successful nan U.S., though nan agency is now trying to return it offline. (Image: Fox 5)

Mike Gill worked astatine nan U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) during President Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s administrations. Gill was nan main of unit for CFTC Chair J. Christopher Giancarlo from October 2016 done November 2019.

A week agone today, connected Monday, January 29, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department responded to shots fired progressive successful an attempted carjacking astatine nan 900 artifact of K Street NW. The location is astir a half-mile northeast of nan White House.

Police recovered Mike Gill, 56, wrong his Jeep Grand Cherokee that he had precocious purchased. He had arrived successful nan early evening hours to prime up his wife, Kristina, astatine her rule agency adjacent Mount Vernon Square.

Gill’s caput was connected nan sidewalk successful a excavation of blood, pinch 1 limb still successful nan driver’s seat. The assailant fled connected foot. Gill was transported to a hospital, wherever he remained successful captious information for six days. He died connected Saturday, February 3.

It is pinch profound sadness that I wish to pass nan organization of nan passing of my husband, Mike Gill. His abrupt departure has near a void successful our lives that tin ne'er beryllium filled. In this clip of grief, we are grateful for nan outpouring of emotion and support from family, friends, and nan community, and widen our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has reached retired to connection condolences and assistance,” his widow wrote.

Trump weighed successful connected his Truth Social media platform.

“Wonderful and superb Mike Gill, a highly respected personnel of nan Trump Administration, was ruthlessly and viciously changeable successful nan caput during a carjacking successful Washington, D.C. He was a SPECIAL PERSON — His family and friends are devastated. The Federal Government must return complete D.C. God bless Michael and his family,” Trump wrote.

Officer-involved Shooting

The attacker, identified arsenic 28-year-old Artell Cunningham of Suitland, Md., past changeable and killed different man and hijacked his Chrysler 200 vehicle. A ride-share driver later called 911 to study his Nissan being hijacked.

Around 1:30 a.m. nan pursuing morning, Tuesday, January 30, a man driving a Nissan changeable astatine a Maryland State Police cruiser stopped for a abnormal conveyance on southbound I-95 astatine Route 198. The aforesaid Nissan changeable astatine a marked Metro DC constabulary car on I-295 astatine Exit 1 astir 2:30 a.m.

Police successful Prince George’s County located nan Nissan a short clip later and engaged successful an “officer-involved shooting,” said Jeff Carroll, executive adjunct main of nan D.C. police. Cunningham was killed successful nan exchange.

Carjackings successful D.C. soared much than 100% past twelvemonth to astir 1,000 incidences, pinch astir involving a firearm aliases deadly weapon.

PredictIt Oversight

An independent agency of nan national government, nan CFTC was founded successful 1974 and regulates derivatives markets, which see futures, swaps, and different kinds of options. Regarding nan betting world, nan CFTC is champion known arsenic nan national agency that granted PredictIt nan ineligible correct to run successful nan U.S.

PredictIt is an online governmental betting speech tally by New Zealand’s Victoria University. The level is simply a not-for-profit acquisition task designed to find if betting markets tin foretell nan outcomes of definite events and governmental races much accurately than accepted means, specified arsenic nationalist sentiment polling.

In 2014, nan CFTC issued PredictIt a No-Action Relief missive that allowed nan level to run not-for-profit governmental statement markets. During Gill’s tenure astatine nan agency, nan CTFC allowed PredictIt to facilitate governmental wagering connected nan 2016 statesmanlike predetermination that saw Trump hit Hillary Clinton.

Betting Market Future

Hill departed nan CFTC earlier nan 2020 predetermination for a backstage assemblage role. At nan clip of his death, he was moving arsenic elder vice president of superior markets astatine nan Housing Policy Council, a waste and acquisition group that advocates for a competitory marketplace.

In August 2022, nan CFTC announced its volition to retreat its No-Action Relief missive connected nan grounds that PredictIt had violated nan position of nan document. PredictIt has since been appealing nan agency’s determination via a suit revenge successful Western Texas’ U.S. District Court. The national tribunal issued a impermanent injunction successful January 2023, allowing PredictIt to proceed operating while nan tribunal reviews nan case.

The crux of nan suit is whether Victoria University is profiting from PredictIt, arsenic nan CFTC alleges. Victoria University said successful a March missive to nan tribunal that it only takes $2,000 monthly from nan platform’s cognition to screen its operating costs.

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