Biloxi Yacht Club Sold to Las Vegas Strip Club Tycoon Who Bought Margaritaville Casino

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Posted on: January 26, 2024, 01:48h. 

Last updated on: January 27, 2024, 11:28h.

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The Biloxi Yacht Club has a caller proprietor arsenic of past fall, nan Biloxi Sun Herald reports.

Biloxi Margaritaville casino portion clubThe Biloxi Yacht Club has been sold to nan aforesaid businessman who past twelvemonth purchased nan erstwhile Margaritaville Casino. Harry Mohney hasn’t yet divulged his plans for nan yacht facility. (Image: MLS)

Last August, Harry Mohney, nan Las Vegas businessman champion known for his Strip clubs, acquired nan shuttered Margaritaville Casino connected nan Biloxi Back Bay for an undisclosed price. Mohney, whose Déjà Vu, Inc. operates astir 200 portion clubs successful nan US, UK, Australia, France, Canada, and Mexico, wasn’t vanished buying Biloxi existent property pinch nan Margaritaville property.

Mohney, nan Sun Herald reported, besides purchased nan Biloxi Yacht Club successful a woody that closed astir Thanksgiving. A Biloxi institution making love backmost to nan mid-1800s and 1 of nan oldest sailing clubs successful nan country, nan Yacht Club is shopping for a much protected waterfront property.

The statement has faced costly repairs from damages caused by Gulf coastal storms. The Yacht Club built nan existent installation located astatine Beach Blvd. and Kuhn St. aft Hurricane Katrina leveled its erstwhile home.

Biloxi Strip Club?

Biloxi is nan heartbeat of nan Mississippi gaming industry. The city’s 8 casinos are grouped into nan state’s “Coastal” spot conception pinch 4 different casinos, including nan Silver Slipper and Hollywood successful Bay St. Louis, Island View successful Gulfport, and Scarlet Pearl successful D’Iberville.

The Coastal casinos past twelvemonth accounted for astir $1.59 cardinal of nan $2.48 cardinal that Mississippi casinos won statewide. Biloxi is simply a awesome gaming destination for Southerners and Midwest residents, but nan municipality is lacking a premier gentlemen’s club, thing galore gamblers fancy.

Mohney’s Margaritaville building would presumably suffice for big entertainment. Mississippi statutes prohibit portion clubs “where nationalist displays of nudity are present” wrong one-fourth of a mile of immoderate church, school, kindergarten, aliases courthouse.

Margaritaville’s nearest church, school, kindergarten, aliases courthouse is nan Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation on Oak St. The religion is 1,600 feet from nan Margaritaville spot aliases a small much than 0.3 miles away.

Yacht Club Leasing Property

Biloxi Yacht Club officials opportunity Mohney agreed to lease nan spot to nan group for conscionable a dollar a period until he determines what to do pinch his recently acquired asset. The nine is responsible for nan upkeep of nan installation and paying its security premiums.

Mohney’s attorney, Britt Singletary, said nan existent attraction is redeveloping nan Margaritaville property.

Margaritaville opened successful 2012 but closed a small much than 2 years later, successful September 2014, because of a conflict betwixt nan casino usability and nan landlord. The quarrel prevented nan planned on-site 250-room edifice from being built.

An Arizona-based gaming and hospitality institution called RAM Group acquired nan Back Bay spot successful 2019 pinch plans to invest $200 million to unfastened a casino and edifice connected nan astir 10-acre site. RAM brought connected stone legends KISS to marque nan destination nan Rock & Brews Casino.

The COVID-19 pandemic drowned those plans. The spot was listed for waste again, pinch Mohney emerging arsenic nan buyer.

Reports surfaced aft nan existent property transaction closed that Mohney would activity to redevelop nan Margaritaville Casino into a mixed-use unit and eating destination.

Along pinch his many portion clubs, Mohney’s business empire includes The World Famous Cat’s Meow karaoke venues. Mohney antecedently held an ownership liking successful nan Dick’s Last Resort edifice chain, but he precocious divested nan position.

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