Billionaires Successfully Oppose Plan to Introduce a Casino to Miami Beach

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A group of billionaires has successfully defeated a scheme to present a casino to Miami Beach. [Image:]

Off nan table

A group of powerful billionaires successful Miami person stood successful nan measurement of plans for a casino successful Miami Beach. Senate Bill 1054, which aimed to create a casino astatine nan Fontainebleau Hotel, was group for a proceeding connected Monday successful nan Senate Regulated Industries committee. It was taken disconnected nan gathering schedule aft news of nan awesome guidance from nan section business leaders became apparent.

Senate Spokeswoman Katie Betta confirmed connected Wednesday that this measure nary longer “had a measurement forward.” Senate Regulated Industries Chairperson Joe Gruters, meanwhile, confirmed that nan committee pulled nan measure aft proceeding that nan House would not walk it. Both nan House and Senate would request to o.k. nan measure for it to person passage, though Gruters added that its chances mightiness beryllium amended adjacent year.

made plans to alert complete 100 Miami Beach officials and residents to Tallahassee

The bill’s main oppopnents, billionaire Norman Braman and spot tycoon Armando Codina, made plans to alert much than 100 Miami Beach officials and residents to Tallahassee for Monday’s proceeding earlier its cancellation. One of nan different large opponents to nan casino scheme was Citadel Founder Ken Griffin. He sent a missive to nan Miami Herald condemning nan proposal.

An eager plan

Jeffrey Soffer, a billionaire who owns nan historical Fontainebleau Hotel successful Miami Beach, was nan main proponent down nan authorities for evident reasons. In 2023 alone, entities linked to nan 56-year-old provided much than $300,000 to governmental campaigns successful nan region, arsenic good arsenic $1m to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ now-ended statesmanlike campaign.

The measure that Soffer hoped he could get complete nan statement would person allowed holders of gaming permits to transportation them to different location wrong 30 miles of nan existing facility, superseding immoderate restrictions that section governments person connected gambling.

Soffer owns nan Big Easy Casino successful Hallandale Beach, which is astir 14 miles from nan Fontainebleau. An charismatic prohibition has been successful spot successful Miami Beach connected gaming accommodation since 2017. The authorities would person allowed him to transportation nan Big Easy Casino licence to his Fontainebleau Hotel.

Opposition to nan bill

Miami Beach officials judge nan measure is “unconstitutional,” arguing that voters person nan exclusive correct to authorize immoderate shape of casino rule description since a state-wide referendum successful 2018. Politicians are incapable to proceed pinch specified authorities without consulting locals arsenic a result.

akin to “willingly dumping toxic discarded into nan Everglades”

Ken Griffin, in his missive to nan Miami Herald, insisted that casinos bring addiction, crime, and erode nan value of life successful communities. Allowing a casino would beryllium akin to “willingly dumping toxic discarded into nan Everglades,” according to nan hedge money owner.

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