Atlantic City Officials Dismiss Casinos’ Legal Claims Regarding Road Narrowing Project

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Casino news - Atlantic City officials successful a ineligible little past week rejected claims from 5 casinos successful municipality that nan narrowing of Atlantic Avenue from Boston to New Hampshire avenues will inhibit emergency vehicles.

Atlantic City roadworthy narrowing lawsuitA conception of Atlantic Avenue successful Atlantic City awaits repaving connected Dec. 13, 2023. Atlantic Ave. is being narrowed from 4 lanes to 2 to summation pedestrian information pinch wider sidewalks. (Image: AP)

Atlantic City is amid a roadworthy narrowing of nan city’s superior corridor successful what’s being called a “road diet.” The $24 cardinal task will trim nan number of vehicular lanes from 4 to two.

The Atlantic City authorities says nan narrowing will make nan roadworthy safer for pedestrians by expanding sidewalk space. Bally’s, Caesars, Hard Rock, Resorts, and Tropicana opportunity nan roadworthy fare will summation postulation congestion.

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In a suit revenge successful New Jersey Superior Court, nan casinos, on pinch co-plaintiff AtlantiCare, a section wellness attraction strategy serving southeastern New Jersey, reason that nan lane removal mightiness forestall emergency vehicles from getting group to nan AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center’s emergency section and perchance lead to nan nonaccomplishment of life.

The casinos and wellness attraction web asked authorities Judge Michael Blee to rumor an injunction to halt nan task until a much thorough postulation study connected nan project’s effect connected congestion is completed.

City Dismisses ER Claim

In nan city’s ineligible response, lawyer Keith Davis says a postulation study has already been conducted and that nan study recovered that ambulances would not beryllium slowed by nan lane reductions. Davis said that renders nan plaintiffs’ petition for an injunction unwarranted.

Davis besides asks Blee to disregard nan casinos and AtlantiCare’s allegation that nan metropolis needed support for nan task from nan Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA). The plaintiffs reason that nan CRDA has ineligible authority complete Atlantic Ave. because it falls wrong nan city’s Tourism District.

The Tourism District statutes … supply that erstwhile nan Tourism District is established, nan Authority ‘shall have, pinch respect to nan roads and highways located wrong nan tourism district, exclusive jurisdiction pinch respect to nan promulgation of rules and regulations affecting nan power and guidance of postulation successful nan tourism district,'” nan casinos’ suit asserted.

The CRDA was not consulted connected nan roadworthy narrowing nor asked to springiness its approval. Davis said successful his consequence that nan metropolis does not person a ineligible responsibility to section CRDA support for nan infrastructure venture.

The CRDA is simply a authorities agency that uses casino funds to support redevelopment projects passim Atlantic City. According to its website, nan Authority besides “oversees onshore usage planning.”

Safer AC

Atlantic City leaders opportunity making Atlantic Ave. safer is captious to making nan casino municipality much appealing to visitors, astir of whom get successful municipality via nan Atlantic City Expressway.

The Expressway arrives astatine Baltic Ave. astatine Christopher Columbus Blvd./Arkansas Ave. Most cars headed to casinos past proceed 2 blocks towards nan water and make either a near aliases correct move connected Atlantic Ave. depending connected wherever their edifice is located on nan Boardwalk.

The 2.7-mile agelong of Atlantic Ave. successful mobility was location to complete 800 postulation accidents betwixt 2013 and 2017. Over 9% of those postulation accidents progressive a pedestrian.

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