Another Nebraska Casino Proposed, But Gaming Expansion Under Threat

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Casino news - The database of operators eager to get themselves a early portion of Nebraska’s casino marketplace is swelling.

Nebraska casino, FremontCould Nebraska beryllium to beryllium “the bully life” for casino operators? State voters legalized casinos successful 2020, but a caller study could limit gaming description successful nan authorities beyond its six existing licensees. (Image: StateScoop)

On Friday, representatives of a caller hopeful, KRG Investment Group, briefed nan Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission (NRGC) connected its connection for a caller horse-racing installation pinch accompanying edifice casino successful nan metropolis of Fremont successful nan southeast of nan state.

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A spokesperson for KRG told The Lincoln Journal Star that nan institution was successful nan “early stages of owed diligence discussions” pinch metropolis officials, who look to beryllium receptive to nan idea. Officials person identified 4 imaginable sites for nan project, nan spokesperson said.

Casinos Tied to Horse Racing

Nebraska voters legalized casino gaming astatine nan 2020 ballot erstwhile they agreed to amend nan authorities constitution to let commercialized casinos astatine nan state’s six licensed racetracks.

The caller rule besides opened nan doorway to caller casino developments, but immoderate usability who wants to participate nan perchance lucrative casino marketplace must besides connection unrecorded equine racing, a perchance little lucrative prospect. That intends they will request to build aliases get a racetrack and summation a racing licence from nan state.

The licensed racetracks that are already eligible to build casinos are Legacy Downs successful Lincoln, Fonner Park successful Grand Island, Horsemen’s Park successful Omaha, Atokad successful South Sioux City, FairPlay Park successful Hastings, and Columbus Exposition and Racing successful Columbus. Four of these gaming accommodation person opened impermanent venues while nan main casinos are nether construction.

The Fremont task is nan seventh connection for a brand-new racing and gaming installation successful nan state. Others are earmarked for Bellevue, Norfolk, York, North Platte, Gering, and Kimball.

Report Threat

But an independent report submitted to nan authorities racing and gaming committee earlier this period could put nan brakes connected these caller projects, halting casino description successful nan state.

The marketplace study concluded location was “more than capable capacity pinch nan state’s existing six racing licenses to let for a tripling aliases quadrupling of racing successful Nebraska.”

“The information do not support nan summation of much racing licenses,” it added.

The study was commissioned by nan NRGC astatine nan behest of authorities lawmakers, who want nan agency to analyse nan state’s equine racing and casino markets and their socioeconomic effect each 5 years.

The NRGC is required, by law, to see nan imaginable socioeconomic effect of caller licence applications and must cull those that could beryllium detrimental to nan wellness of nan existing market.

The agency was scheduled to talk nan study astatine its Friday meeting.

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