$620M Powerball Jackpot Ready to Deliver Christmas Miracle

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Posted on: December 22, 2023, 11:58h. 

Last updated on: December 22, 2023, 12:09h.

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Powerball has an estimated $620 cardinal apical prize up for grabs during its adjacent drafting group for Saturday, December 23. The drafting that comes conscionable hours earlier Christmas Eve stands to present a fortunate victor pinch nan 19th largest lottery jackpot successful US history.

Powerball jackpot Christmas vacation lottery giftA Powerball summons sold successful Florida is displayed successful beforehand of a replica of nan limb lamp made celebrated successful “A Christmas Story.” The $620 cardinal Powerball jackpot for Saturday’s drafting could make for a memorable Christmas for a fortunate winner. (Image: Florida Lottery)

Powerball’s apical prize, which is only won by a summons overcoming nan measly likelihood of 1 successful 292.2 cardinal to lucifer each 5 drawn achromatic shot numbers and nan reddish Powerball, past deed connected October 11. That jackpot was won by a summons sold successful California.

The $1.765 cardinal prize (one-time rate action of $774.1 million) was nan second-richest Powerball prize successful nan game’s history. Saturday night’s apical prize is worthy considerably less, but stands to change someone’s life.

The Powerball jackpot has surpassed $600 million. With little than 4 days to spell until Christmas, nan Powerball jackpot has risen to an estimated $620 million,” a Powerball connection issued connected Thursday read.

Saturday’s jackpot has an estimated rate worth of $310.8 million. The six balls will beryllium drawn astatine 10:59 p.m. EST from nan Florida Lottery tie workplace successful Tallahassee.

Lottery Sales Increase During Holidays

Even erstwhile their advertised 30-year annuitized jackpots aren’t successful nan hundreds of millions of dollars, Powerball and its superior competitor, Mega Millions, typically acquisition a income unreserved during nan vacation season.

Lottery tickets are celebrated gifts, and astir authorities lotteries nutrient typical holiday-themed scratchers. In Pennsylvania, for example, nan authorities lottery has an “Ugly Sweater” second-chance drafting that allows nonwinning 2023 holiday-themed scratch-offs to participate into nan “Scratch-Off Drawing.”

The second-chance apical prize is worthy $150K. Each scratcher gains 1 introduction for each $1 successful acquisition price. Qualifying games see “Ho Ho Holiday,” “$1 Million Money Tree,” “$500,000 Merry-Mint,” “Jingle Buck,” “Let It Snow,” “Candy Cane Lane,” “Bah, Humbuck,” and “Naughty aliases Nice.”

With Powerball upwards of $620 million, nan crippled tally by nan Multi-State Lottery Association presumably has nan precocious manus connected Mega Millions this vacation season. The Mega Millions jackpot for Friday night’s drafting is conscionable $22 million.

Clarity connected Mega Millions Win

The Mega Millions jackpot reset to $20 cardinal aft nan game’s apical prize was won during nan December 8 drawing. Two tickets sold astatine nan aforesaid store, a Chevron state position astatine 18081 Ventura Blvd. successful Encino, Calif., successful Los Angeles County, matched nan six winning numbers to declare nan $394 cardinal ($188.6 cardinal cash) prize.

Mega Millions successful a merchandise titled, “How Could This Happen? Two Winning Mega Millions Jackpot Tickets Sold astatine nan Same Store,” said that nan scenario, though rare, is explainable.

While this is incredibly different and interesting, it’s not unheard of,” said Carolyn Becker, a spokesperson pinch nan California Lottery. “There are immoderate number of explanations; possibly 1 personification wanted to effort their luck connected 2 different rows for immoderate reason, aliases possibly a mates of buddies wanted to effort their chances pinch nan aforesaid nonstop numbers.”

Becker said nan precise logic won’t beryllium known until nan victor aliases winners travel guardant to declare nan prize. California lottery rules prohibit winners from remaining anonymous. Winners of Powerball and Mega Millions person up to a twelvemonth to redeem their winnings.

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